Friday, March 22, 2019

New Dehumidifiers in Stock Now

We're excited to bring in a high end piece of equipment available for rental, the LGR 7000 dehumidifier unit. This is a perfect dehumidifier for very large jobs, but is also small and transportable enough for small-scale household work.

The Dri-Eaz LGR 7000 is a high capacity commercial grade dehumidifier unit. Capable of removing over 29 gallons of water a day, the LGR 7000 has over twice the capacity of most rental dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier can be used to control ambient humidity levels in spaces as large as 26,000 cubic feet.

Furthermore, the LGR 7000 has an intuitive digital screen that can be set to take the guesswork out of dehumidification. the LGR 7000 can be programmed to adjust itself to keep a specific humidity level present in a room, so you really can just set it and forget it.

Daily rental rates begin at $75, and feature substantial price breaks for weekly and monthly use.

To learn more about the dehumidifiers we offer, as well as other abatement rental equipment, email us at or visit our website

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dealing with Water Damage? Rentals Can Help!

After what was an extremely dry start to winter, those of us in Central Oregon (not to mention Tahoe and Northern California) have been getting slammed with record amounts of snow. While all of this water will be a great thing to have come summer, it can lead to an array of issues as the snowfall thaws.

Ice dam buildup is happening extremely quickly as daily temperatures begin to rise. These glacially slow moving rooftop buildups of ice and snow can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, often ripping down rain gutters and trim as they melt and fall. As ice dams move across roofs they can create substantial leaks and introduce tons of water into buildings, homes, and basements. As this water collects and sits, it often leads to mold.

Ice Dam damage currently on our own building, it has torn down the rain gutter
Fortunately, treating and removing mold is often much easier than it may seem. Mold Foggers can coat a confined space with a mold-killing and mold-preventing Concrobium solution. Dehumidifiers can remove all stored liquid from a space, even water behind drywall. And Air Scrubbers can keep air moving, and can filter out harmful molds resulting from extended water damage.

All of these tools are commonly used by contractors and homeowners alike to treat typical winter snow and water damage. While these tools are expensive to purchase, rental rates are very affordable on a daily and weekly basis.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Mobile Containment Unit Rentals now in stock

We have all-new Mobile Containment Units in stock and ready for rental. Capable of work with any ceiling up to 10' in height, Mobile Containment Units are the simplest and easiest way to setup and achieve a negative air workspace.

Compatible with our Predator 750 Air Scrubber rentals, Mobile Containment Units are an easily transportable workspace ideal for hospital, tech, and laboratory projects. Mobile Containment Units allow workers to access ceilings, and can be used to create a negative air barrier over a wall cavity, doorway, or other entryway.

This Mobile Containment Unit is rated for over 900lbs of capacity, allowing for loads of specialty construction equipment to be used inside. Furthermore, these units are made from hospital-grade and fire rated materials, meeting strict standards for fire-resistance.

These Mobile Containment Unit rentals can be rented to and shipped to anywhere in the country. They fold flat and are packed in dense boxes, making shipping them for rent reasonably priced. Please call or email us to learn more about shipping and to receive rental quotes.

Visit the Mobile Containment Cart page on our website for more information and rental pricing. To learn more about Mobile Containment units, abatement rentals, and other remediation equipment rentals, visit or email us at

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

ZipWall Dust Containment Rentals Now Available

We are excited to begin offering ZipWall dust containment system rentals. We now carry a huge variety of ZipWall supplies that can suit the needs of any project.

ZipWall SLP-4 system in use
ZipWall is an innovative system of telescoping poles, clamps, and other handy tools that are used to quickly create temporary dust barriers with poly plastic sheeting. ZipWall poles are extended to the height of a ceiling (up to 12 feet) and quickly lock plastic sheeting in place. A number of accessories can be included with ZipWall such as grip disks to accommodate slippery floor surfaces and zip-up doors.

Renting a full ZipWall system complete with four poles, zippers, and accessories to hold poly sheeting starts at only $20/day, which saves hundreds off the retail cost of a complete system.

To learn more about ZipWall or any other abatement and remediation equipment rental needs you may have, visit or email us as

Thursday, November 1, 2018

All-New Mold Foggers Now In Stock

An all-new set of ULV Mold Foggers is in stock and ready to rent. Mold Foggers are the simplest, quickest, and easiest way to eliminate mold from hard to reach areas. Attics, basements, crawlspaces, and even normal rooms can be rid of mold with foggers. 

Using Concrobium anti-mold solution, a fogger aerosolizes a mold killing solution that coats every surface of a room. Foggers ensure that all mold spores are eliminated, because the fog can reach every room surface. Often times tight spaces cannot be reached by hand, making fogging the best mold remediation method. 

In the video below, our fogger is running in a mold infested basement. This basement has a small crawlspace full of pipes, insulation, and other obstacles making cleaning by hand impossible. The fogger quickly filled the room with the aerosolized Concrobium solution, ensuring that mold remediation was completed. 

To learn more about Mold Foggers and rental information, visit our website or email us at

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Welcome to Our New Northwest Abatement Rentals Blog

Hello all,

My name is Steven Ley and I would like to welcome all to my new blog for Northwest Abatement Rentals. As I continue to get this new venture off of the ground, I look forward to using this space as an outlet for company news, new products, specials, and as a ground to receive feedback.

We specialize in equipment needed for abatement work and specialty dust control construction. Air scrubbers, mold foggers, Edge Guard temporary wall and barrier systems with negative air capability, dehumidifiers, cleaning solutions, and containment carts can all be rented nationwide through NW Abatement Rentals. Rather than purchasing costly and specialized equipment for one job, rent it with us and save.

NW Abatement Rentals is located at 1420 NE 1st St, Unit E, in Bend Oregon. We rent both through in store pickup, local delivery, and we can ship rentals nationwide for your convenience. Edge Guard Barriers cannot be rented through any other business in the country, so through our shipping rental options we can accommodate any jobsite regardless of location.

To learn more about abatement equipment, dust control supplies, and anything else related to remediation work, email us at or visit our website

New Dehumidifiers in Stock Now

We're excited to bring in a high end piece of equipment available for rental, the LGR 7000 dehumidifier unit . This is a perfect dehumid...